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Every single person in the world have had encounters with ants. These pests can cause headaches to home owners especially when they come crawling on your food and on the walls. There are different kinds of ants and having an ant killer is one of the top priorities in dealing with infestations.



There are two types of ants – black and carpenter. Black ants are the harmless ones that search for food in the house. Carpenter ants make holes in the house. This causes damage to the structure of the house.


There are several ant killer tips for home owners. Most people can just squish all the ants that they could see. Killing the ant scouts of food could help reduce infestation. Another action that home owners do is to use a commercial ant killer. There are numerous products that can easily be found at markets. Remember to read the instructions before using it and make sure the ingredients are safe for use around children and pets.


Of course, some commercial ant killers are harmful to the environment and your family. A safer and more eco-friendly way of killing ants is to use soap water. The ants die in contact with this and it is safer to use around children. Another tip if you can find the ant hill is to sprinkle baking soda on it. Once the ants have consumed the baking soda, you should sprinkle white vinegar on the ant hill. The combination of these in their bodies will kill the ants.


Still, the best way to get rid of ant infestation in your home is to contact a professional ant killer/pest control team. You should choose a company that is environment friendly and uses techniques that are safe for both children and pets. There are many alternative methods of eliminating ant infestation, just find the most convenient and effective for you.