Natural Ant Killer – The Safe Way

Natural Ant Killer – The Safe Ant Killer

Ant Killer

Ant Killer

Knowledge of several natural ant killer secrets is important to home owners with children and pets at home. For such tiny creatures, ants can be a major pain. Their greatest defense is their huge number. The ants have harmony and unity among themselves, which makes them difficult to drive away.



There are two ways to kill ants – using chemicals and using a natural ant killer. The instinct of people is to immediately grab a commercial ant killer to extinguish all those ants in the house to avoid infestation. The chemicals in these sprays can bring about harm to other animals and children. There are less dangerous effects of natural insecticides on the environment.


Some natural insecticides are boric acid, cayenne pepper, and corn meal. Boric acid is applied on ant hills or ant beds. Cayenne pepper is made into a spray. This is very effective in killing pests and other insects. Corn meal is an alternative for poisonous chemicals. Ants like to consume corn meal but they are unable to digest it. The ants will experience indigestion and die. Using black pepper, peeled garlic cloves, and cinnamon as repellants against ants are effective. You can place these on the window seals or corners of the room. If you know where the ant hill is, the best way to terminate a good portion of the colony is to pour boiling water directly on the hill.


Natural ant killer have less chemicals and toxins, which makes it better for the environment. Several ant killers can be made at home with household materials. Using natural ant killer may be the best choice to make if you are looking for something safe, environment friendly, and cost effective. Always remember that the earlier you begin with ant killer strategies, the sooner you’ll get rid of the insects in your house and garden.


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