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Organic Ant Killer – Ant Mound Alert

Cayenne Pepper - Organic Ant Killer

Cayenne Pepper - Organic Ant Killer

If you find a mound in your yard then you need to destroy it as soon as possible. In some areas of the world ants can be a very serious situation, especially fire ants. If you aren’t willing to use store bought liquid, powder, or even ant bait, you may want to try an organic ant killer.

You may not want the danger of a sprayer, but homemade products may not have worked for the first time. Most people are using organic products. Using an organic ant killer can help you to kill ants with minimum risk. You can use it outdoors and indoors. Many formers and modern biotechnologist have been suggested to use such ant killer. Their hazards are nil but their boons are countless.

Type And How To Use Organic Ant Killer

Organic ant killers are made from natural ingredients; since they come from a natural source, they are usually not as dangerous as man-made poisons. Boric Acid is an old tried and true organic ant killer! Safe to use around pets and children, and if you mix it with sugar, ants won’t be able to resist.

If you spread this around the outside of your house, you can keep ants and some other kinds of bugs out of your house. If you have children that spill things in your car, boric acid can be spread around the car and inside. Another organic ant killer is Cayenne Pepper.

You can use it in powder form or make a spray, just beware of the wind when spraying cayenne outside. This kind of organic ant killer still burns if you get any in your eyes. Always wash hands completely and avoid touching your eyes or mouth.  Whatever your choice of organic ant killer, you must know how to use it properly.

If you use the wrong amount of the ant killer that you chose, you may be wasting it by not using the right amount. You may not be able to kill the ants and they will continue to spread. If you don’t kill them on the first try, they may move and start a new ant hill, somewhere in your yard.

There may not be any instructions for organic ant killer, but searching here can help you find more information. You may be able to find a forum devoted to organic pest control. You can find proper information and you can also ask from other users about their experience.


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